Thursday, July 28, 2011

Plan B...

... peas!

I had planted some rattlesnake pole bean seeds in jiffy pots but only two made it. I took those two outside and they have been doing all right, although not as well as I hoped... It has been about a month, as documented in one of my very first blog posts and I am just getting this:

It's about eight inches high... and it's the tall one of the two. Now, when I was at the store buying my seeds I could not decide between these fancy green and purple striped beans and any old pack of peas. I chose the beans because I like beans and they had purple, which was something I wanted more of in the garden. Well, I should have gone with the peas.

A week ago I "happened" upon the seed rack at Fred Meyers and grabbed a pack of peas that "happen" to be good for staring late in the season. I planted them along with my beans and even more just outside of the bed that night. A week later: 

This one is outside in the clay soil and still going faster than the beans did.

So, beans no more! I have some magic pea plants instead. 


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