Friday, May 31, 2013


More tomatoes courtesy of my grandma!

Thinking of replacing my watermelon plot with some peanuts.

My mom brought me a packet of large peanut seeds with plaster. I had never really paid that much attention to peanut plants, but they seem like an interesting plant. However, they take 130-150 days and need very warm temperarures so I will only plant half the packet. But that should yield about 250 peanuts!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Some good and some bad. Let's do the bad first...

I finally had hot enough weather and enough seedlings to plant my watermelons. I was able to germinate 4 out of 6 pollinator seeds and 2 out of 6 "regular" ones. Not as great as I would have hoped for, and I was very glad to have planted so many seeds. At the time I planted the 12 seeds I had a feeling I should, even though it may seem insane for the small patch of garden I had for watermelons. (: I planted them and watered with care and they did very well for the first 5 days getting taller, more leaves were coming.... then BAM! I went out to check on them on the 6th day and found this:

Thursday, May 2, 2013


To give perspective to the garden, display my plan, and give more information, I've created this guide. This year I made a couple goals: a) companion plant to the best of my ability and b) plant at least one heirloom.