Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This just in:

Woke up this morning and found a whole 'flock' of goldfinches, male and female, in the yard!
Sorry for the poor quality, I took the photos through the door.

Well, in the time it took for me to write that and upload photos, they disappeared. Poof! Just like that. Maybe my excitement scared them away? My regulars are back though!

Monday, April 29, 2013


Finally! The ranunculus is blooming! Beautiful colors... Thanks mom!

As for the veggie department, the radishes are up, peas are getting bigger, strawberries are blooming,, and my raspberry is leafing more. The honey bees were all over the blueberries and the small holly in the backyard. I was very glad to see them.

My sweeatpeas and canary bird vine are still going, which I'm happy to see. I guess I didn't have much confidence that they'd do anything and know they are. Whew!

To give perspective, the sweet peas are on the left and the canary bird vine is on the right. 
AND! I  have a song sparrow doing some interior decorating in my bird house. I only had it up one week before he found it. Thanks grandma! I also bought a  perch-type feeder in an attempt to attract some finches and other smaller birds. Had to take down the suet feeder due to starlings. 

We had a few really warm days so my pole beans began popping up. 

So, Sunday I planted my pumpkin seedling (only one out of three came up so far), nine potatoes, and my two artichoke seedlings. In a couple weeks I'll plant my watermelon seedlings. Unfortunately out of five regular seeds and five pollinator seedlings I only had one regular and two pollinators come up. They've been up for almost two weeks and still no sign of others. Glad I planted so many... Also, only one squash out of three is showing any sign of coming up. 
I decided I also want to plant a couple cucumbers too!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting started

My computer is on the fritz so this post won't be very aesthitically pleasing as I am creating with my phone and it's photo heavy. Bear with me!

Monday I spent most of the day out in the garden. I:
- organized my gardening things
- repotted my raspberry and nandina
- prepared a hanging basket for canary bird vine and Milkmaid nasturtium
- planted green onions, radishes, and carrots in a container
- weeded all three raised beds and added compost from our worm bin
- planted a short row of corn, rattlesnake beans, and more green onions in one bed
- planted three more pea seeds
- hung a bird house and hoping someone wants to live there

Feelin' good! My green lavender is blooming and my ranunculus is just about there. AND I have teeny watermelon, artichoke, and pumpkin plants. Yippee!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013