About Me

To begin, I must say I love the textures, smells, and sounds of a garden... any garden! 

I grew up on the North Oregon Coast in gardens nurtured by my maternal grandparents, great aunt and uncle, and my mother. The area I call home has grown to include numerous nurseries, farmers markets, community gardens, and a love of home-grown produce. 

At fourteen I sold bouquets in my grandmother's flower stand, later leading me to a position  at a flower shop where I was lovingly trained in European floral design, a style that you'll find I am passionate about.

I moved inland to the Valley to attend university and entered a new zone, USDA Plant Hardiness Zone, that is. This change would give me more growing time and a more successful season compared to home, if only the weather would cooperate.  However, that is part of the process!

Grateful for the knowledge I have gained, I still search for more. I use my resources: reading, the web, and (of course!) my family. I experiment with propagation and have extended my love of growing and cutting flowers to growing and harvesting vegetables.

As for my family, my mother runs a flower stand and cut flower business. My grandfather and great aunt both have flower stands and my great uncle sells garlic and eggs from his small farm. 

Join me on my gardening journey!

Comments welcome and appreciated!

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