Sunday, October 23, 2011

Using the Garden II

The pumpkins weren't a success and the beans are pretty much gone, but the tomatoes are still thriving:

Found some cucumbers in the back vegetable bed. Surprise!

This morning, I ate hash browns made from our own potatoes:

Last weekend I picked some flowers and I am also surprised they are doing so well still:

I had purchased two bunches of local zinnias at Market of Choice and they didn't last two days. These from my garden are 9 days old! The planters are plugging along. Moths had eaten away at my scented geranium; I cut on it and it is coming back beautifully. The hydrangea is slowing, but still has a bloom.I purchased a yellow chrysanthemum three to four weeks ago:

I used some blueberry twigs in the above bouquet. The bushes are looking gorgeous in their fall colors:

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