Thursday, April 26, 2012

Farmers Market

Last Saturday I went to the Farmers Market. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day! I bought some quince jelly, salad mix, and flowers. I have yet to try the jelly, I'm waiting to get some English muffins. I was actually going to buy creamed honey, but someone else at the stand picked up the one I was eyeing. My friend, JM, bought the honey and said it was great... so... creamed honey, we will meet again.

I don't usually go for oranges and reds, but a bunch from Bare Mountain Farm that just spoke to me. :)

I just love the shape of this tulip!

Beautiful anemones.

I also grabbed some pheasant eye narcissus, which I have been wanting all spring... couldn't help myself! I also grabbed another cute bunch of narcissus.

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  1. Nice update, beautiful flowers. Grandma was wondering what you've been up-to.