Saturday, June 2, 2012

At long last...

I know this must be long anticipated! :) So sorry for the lack of updates on my garden. I take pictures, but they don't always find their way online. So here are some from a couple weeks ago, just to compare how my garden has been growing. 

I bought two box basil plants from Rite Aid.

My strawberries were doing wonderful.

I planted the cuttings of dusty miller with my chrysanthemum that wintered over and a coreopsis I impulse-purchased at Fred Meyer. :)

Could you imagine my excitement when my ranunculus bloomed? Finally!

My little scented geranium that also wintered over.

My calendula that wintered over had buds on it. So surprised!

My Top Hat blueberry is so cute!

My blue lacecap hydrangea that I thought could finally be lost after much neglect is fine.

Everything getting all bushy and bright.

My strawberry patch. Look at that mean weed on the right!

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