Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Potting for the Winter

ALSO! Finally planted my rosemary cutting. :) I cut it last summer... 'Bout time! I know.

This summer I brought back some lemon mint, you might remember from an earlier post. What about it? I, of course, rooted some! The large stem I originally rooted is a bit bare, but I ended up with tiny mint plants as well:

I also took a couple small geranium plants that were growing "wild" in an unused pot. We'll see what happens:

Maybe the most exciting cutting is my evergreen jasmine. I took six cuttings at the end of September. One took exceptionally to root, a second barely started when I planted. They were taken from the bush in the corner of the backyard.

I have been rooting two good cuttings from my basil for about a month. I am going to try to keep it going through the winter. I took two more cuttings from those that I planted as well.

And more scented geranium cuttings...

 CM's sister bought a basil plant at the grocery store and is going to plant it also, that is the plant in the jar on the right. Between both those jars is a plastic bag can anyone guess what's inside? Tangerine seeds!  I bagged them quickly after I used the tangerine in apple cider I was making. I didn't have time to look up Fallglo to see if they could be germinated so I saved them.

Unfortunately, Fallglo doesn't readily germinate. In case you were wondering, I did read that citrus isn't always true to type from seed, same as apples, pears, cherries, etc. So, I might just throw the seeds out, unless (and here's the gardener in me) one germinates soon. I could at least try to grow an evergreen tree with fragrant flowers and questionable orange fruit, right?

I've already started looking for a nice plant stand... I think I have found a style I like though.

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