Monday, November 14, 2011

Saturday Market

Despite having a cold, I ventured out into the fall weather to the Saturday Market (dragging CM and his sister TM along too :)  )

The Market was quite a bit smaller than in June as to be expected. But we were able to find some things we were interested. Here are the spoils:

The spoils. :)

CM bought a pie pumpkin to use for Thanksgiving. I bought a head of lettuce (for $1.00!) to share with TM and was given a free bag of sunflower sprouts which were really good. 

We bought salsa and cilantro from Gathering Together Farm for dinner. CM made pico de gallo with the cilantro and used it in homemade rice as well. Yes! Those are Concord grapes and figs. I only bought a little of each because I was't sure how good they would be. The figs were a bit dry but still tasted fine, the grapes certainly need to be fully ripe before eating. :)

TM bought sun dried tomatoes and CM bought chipotle peppers from Rasmussen's Peppers & More. Pizza and more Mexican food may be in the mix!

While we browsed the vendors' wares  we listened to Gumbo, which had some rag-time-y bayou music. Very neat group. We also enjoyed pretzels from the pretzel lady. They were large and square and covered in asiago and red pepper flakes. 

I bought some honey roasted hazelnuts from Filbert R Us and...

The lavender jelly.

Lavender jelly! TM and I tried samples from Kings Valley Gardens. After I spotted the jar I knew I had to try it. This jar is the last of the season and it is good!


  1. How was the lavender jelly?

  2. The jelly is good! I am thinking of making crumpets or something to eat it with. :)