Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Garden Goodies!

Well, I happened to receive a coupon for Garland Nursery (thanks mom!). So what did lil' ole me do? Go to the nursery, of course! It was so much fun as it was actually nice out on Monday after some days of rain/snow. The sun was out and the birds about.... Anyway, I made sure to go through all of the kwansit huts and down all of the rows. The camellias were so pretty and I just wish you could all smell the daphne. Heavenly!

Once the rain/snow thing stops pouring from the sky (as it started again)I will take photos of my finds. :) What did I get? How about some riddles:

They may bear once or summer long
In the ground or pots- you can't go wrong
This fruit has not just one seed,
But many it wears many upon its sleeve

I can't contain my joy for thee,
This new compact variety
Will bring me berries so blue
You simply cannot eat just two

Some are named for those that do go "moo"
They blossom when spring begins anew
The English used the flowers in their wine
For these "roses" I do pine

Ok, so they are probably fairly easy to figure out but I did just make those up.  :)