Thursday, March 15, 2012

Garden Goodies get in the "Ground"

So, you have probably guessed what I bought at Garland Nursery the other week.

Seascape strawberries, Top Hat blueberry bush, and a primrose.

I really went to Garland in search of the Top Hat blueberry and the Fern variety of strawbs. Unfortunately their grower did not send Fern, but Albin instead, after talking with an employee I settled with Seascape - 25 of them actually. It was cheaper that way! :)

It was a gorgeous day to plant! I decided to use some of my compost from the worm bin when potting the strawberries and blueberry (they like their acid, you know). I to dig deep to get the the good stuff.

Wish you could smell it! :)

Here's a close up.

I planted 12 strawberries in a stacking pot and the blueberry is going to (hopefully) live happily in his own container.

One strawberry per pocket. I might plant alyssum in the top.

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I am not looking forward to having to take all of the flowers off of my blueberry, but... I must do what is best for the plant! Especially if I want berries!

It wasn't long before I had a friend: 

Now I have 12 more strawberry plants to decide what to do with... I don't want to buy another stacking pot, but I may.

And, lastly, my primrose. I repotted my Wilma tree in this round container with my two primroses. On the left side you may see something branching out. It is my calibrachoa, million bells, from last summer. It might have some life left in it so I couldn't toss it quite yet.

Just as the primroses are differing shade of yellow, their fragrances are different as well. I adore them!


  1. Your strawberry's look happy. I'm sure you will come up with something creative for the others. How are your terrariums doing?