Friday, July 20, 2012

Cover Up

You'll see from the picture what my garden looks like now. For the past week and for the next one too the complex is painting all of the patios. To avoid damage to everything I had to bring some things into the already cramped apartment and cover up my plants. Blech.

Also, there's an emergency. All off my plants are doing great with urge exception of my zukes and cukes. They are blooming beautifully but once the bloom is done, the bloom falls right off at the base. There are only a couple that haven't done that. Blech again.


  1. According to one of the problems might be is your blossom is not getting pollinated. You may have to intervene and act as a bee to have some fruit. Bummer about the painting hopefully it will be over soon.

  2. Are you using the Wiki definition of the word blech meaning: yiddish word for sheet metal? Or the Urban Dictionary use of the word meaning boredom?

    1. I am using my definition which is an expression of disgust.