Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Some good and some bad. Let's do the bad first...

I finally had hot enough weather and enough seedlings to plant my watermelons. I was able to germinate 4 out of 6 pollinator seeds and 2 out of 6 "regular" ones. Not as great as I would have hoped for, and I was very glad to have planted so many seeds. At the time I planted the 12 seeds I had a feeling I should, even though it may seem insane for the small patch of garden I had for watermelons. (: I planted them and watered with care and they did very well for the first 5 days getting taller, more leaves were coming.... then BAM! I went out to check on them on the 6th day and found this:

The first one was snapped off and the second one looked as though it's life had been sucked out of it beyond repair... What was even more strange to me is that I found a rock sitting very close to the stem of the snapped one. I'm pretty positive it was not there when I planted it...

Good news:

The plant sale was successful. I purchased two Marketmore cucumbers, three pepper plants (banana pepper, Anaheim, Italian sweet), poppy starts (Lauren Springer grape), Morrocan mint, a small lavender (Coconut Ice). The lavender should have pink blooms that turn white with age. However the very fist bloom is purple... We shall see what happens.


  1. I love the colors. How did they taste?

    1. Do you mean how did my strawberries taste? I brought them all home. Maybe my dear brother are them all? They could have been a tad sweeter.