Thursday, May 2, 2013


To give perspective to the garden, display my plan, and give more information, I've created this guide. This year I made a couple goals: a) companion plant to the best of my ability and b) plant at least one heirloom.

Bed #1

Cucumber: to be determined
Pumpkin: Burpee Small Sugar (organic heirloom)
Corn: Burpee On Deck  (hybrid for small spaces)
Onion: Lilly Miller White Bunching
Pole Beans: Ed Hume Rattlesnake

It's a narrower bed and already had poles so I decided it would be good for the corn, squash/pumpkin, and pole beans. The cucumbers were an after thought because I didn't originally think I would have enough space, but I found a trellis lying around and will probably limit myself to two. Each pole has some beans planted around it. There is one row of corn on the side against the house and another two rows on the other side of the bed.

The only thing I did wrong (I think) is I planted bunching onions between the poles. I didn't read until a week later that beans don't do well with onions. I already had beans and one onion up at that point so I'm just going to hope it works out fine. (:

Bed #2

Bush Peas: Ed Hume Lincoln
Watermelon: Burpee Big Tasty (seedless hybrid)
Potatoes: The potatoes are a gold type from my grandpa. We couldn't them fast enough! (Super good though) Some started growing so I planted them. (:

Something is eating my peas... not happy about that. The watermelon is yet to be planted as I don't think it is quite warm enough. Also, if I couldn't have challenged myself more, I chose a triploid watermelon. right now I have more pollinator seedlings than "regular"...

Bed #3

Tomatoes: So far a couple un-named romas (one organic, one not)
Basil: don't have any yet, but I will
Sweet alyssum: Select Seeds Bethamii
Artichoke: Select Seeds Tavor
Cilantro: Ferry Morse (organic)

I have room for a few more tomatoes and will interplant a few basil. The alyssum is around three of the edges of the bed. Only two artichokes because they should get big. I will probably get sunflower seeds so I can shade the artichokes from afternoon sun. I read they like that and from what I've seen so far, it seems they would love some sunflowers.

The two rectangular planters have radishes (Lilly Miller Cherry Belle), carrots (Lilly Miller Red Cored Chantenay), and bunching onions. I will also be planting Lilly Miller zucchini Gold Rush in a container.


  1. It sounds like you have a good plan. Alyssum is good because it attracts beneficial insects. Just make sure on the watermelon that the day from plant to harvest isn't too long 90 days right now would be pushing it. What do the leaves look like on your peas? It's probably slugs.

    1. There was a very small area were it looks like my slug bait washed away... So it may have been slugs. I inspected them I couldn't find any insects or caterpillars.

      The first watermelon seedlings have their first two leaves for almost two weeks (I think) and are beginning to get their second set. They'll be going in soon!